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  • mPokket is a mobile application – based Digital Lending Marketplace. We help you achieve financial independence. Our mobile application seamlessly delivers credit anytime anywhere.

  • Yes, mPokket delivers cash to your bank account . You can use the money howsoever you wish to.

  • A small fee will be charged depending on the amount taken and the payback option. No other hidden costs or extra charges will apply. No security deposit or collateral is necessary.

  • mPokket is a marketplace which connects people who need money with people who are willing to provide it .

  • Yes. Connect with other mPokket users you know via the app. This may make you eligible for extra cash bonuses.


  • Follow 3 simple steps:

    1.Create profile: - Provide us with some basic personal information and upload KYC proofs. Your profile will be vetted by mPokket in a short period and you are ready to go!.

    2. Get cash: - Choose the amount you want and the payback option. You will receive a prompt as soon as we find someone willing to give you the money. This is usually a very quick process but can also take a few hours. Simply accept the offer and get cash in your selected bank account. Enjoy financial freedom – You can now spend the money on your needs.

    3.Repay: - You will receive reminders before the due date. Transfer the money online to the designated bank account on or before the repayment date. Good repayment behaviour will make you eligible for larger amounts of cash.

  • You can apply for money at any time. However, funds will only be transferred to your bank account during banking hours.

  • Yes, you can. However, at our discretion we can choose to limit your access to mPokket. This could happen for various reasons. For example, if at any stage we find the information provided by you to be fraudulent or incomplete, Or you fail to repay any due amounts one time.

  • The app will display the amount you owe and remind you about the payment. You can make the payment through your bank via NEFT/IMPS.

  • Please do not take money if you believe you will not be able to pay back on time. One option is to choose the maximum tenure option if you want more time to repay the amount. In case you delay repayment you will be required to pay a daily late payment fee and it will impact also impact your ability to take money on mPokket in the future.

    If you do not pay back at all you will not be able to use mPokket and affiliated services in future. Non-payment of dues could also attract legal action and affect your financial future negatively but impacting your ability to borrow in the future from financial institutions.

  • Yes. It is necessary as our product is an app –only product.


  • Any undergraduate or postgraduate student above the age of 18 with a mobile phone and a bank account is eligible to use mPokket.

  • Before you open the mPokket app , please have the following information handy

    a. A valid student Identity card – ID Proof
    b. Aadhaar card or Driver’s License – Address Proof
    c. Bank account details – Account number and IFSC code

  • No. It is not compulsory to open a new bank account. Your current active bank can be linked to the app.


  • There is no fee for downloading the app and placing a request for cash. You pay a fee when you take money and repay..

  • You will receive notifications on the app to pay on or before the due date . Most people repay on time to continue using mPokket and be eligible for special offers . But the few who miss repayment on the due date will have to pay a daily late payment fee in addition to the original amount due

Security and Usage

  • It is absolutely safe. All your information is encrypted using industry leading technology, We will also not share your information with any marketing agencies or tele-callers who will call to sell you other products. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

  • If you uninstall the app you will no longer be able to use mPokket services. We will not be able to remind you about your upcoming payments. You will continue to get your repayment details on your email id, so that you can continue to make the payments. Once you buy a new phone, you can download the app again and sign in using your password. At that time, ALL your data will be automatically restored and you will continue your mPokket experience.

  • You can login to our app as an existing user using your registered email ID and update your phone number.


  • No, you just need to open our app and you can continue from where you left. In case of any other problems feel free to contact us at

  • You can anytime log into the app, and edit your account with the new details.

  • Please contact for any queries or if you change your phone number. This is a critical security requirement, since your funds are tied to your phone number, bank account and KYC details.

  • We support all Andriod and IOS devices

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